Power tap P1 pedals

I would like to see full support for the P1 pedals in Zwift. ANT+ or BLE modes. I would like the independent leg data recorded fo upload to Training Peaks and WKO4. Right now it seems to work in ANT+ with the aggregate data from both legs however the individual leg data is not logged for pedaling dynamics. Also in BLE mode you can only select 1 of the pedals. If I do single leg pedaling as part of my workout and am using the pedal not selected for power I get a power reading of 0. I am sure others would also like to see this support.

I also have 2 sided power pedals and would like to see the same thing. 

Same here

I would put up with bad, ux/ui design, for displaying this info to have the feature sooner then later. probably in a beta build.

any updates in this topic?

I too am highly interested in this.  It’s super annoying that this feature isn’t there.


And me!

Add me to the list.  

I was able to connect both pedal by using the Mobil app. First I wake up the right pedal then the left selecting saris power meter. I was able to do one leg drill to prove that Swift was reading power from each pedal. I try to do it again but the left pedal is only sending RPM. 

I have had the same problem. One pedal is used for power the other is used for cadence. I want to se trumdata logging from both pedals so that I can use the pedaling dynamics in WKO4. Full support for the P1 pedals is important to me. For now I am just using the power from my Wahoo Kicker. I suspect this is not high on there list of priorities.

Having just hooked up my new Apple TV I am also a tad disappointed not to be able to connect both Left and Right pedals. Any plans for Zwift developers to add this capability as it seems you have for other double-sided pedal systems (read it on another thread on here)?

Any official answer on this one yet? I just bought an appletv 4k and bluetooth HR to have as my new zwift machine as zwift has given clear signals android support is far away and wont work so well anyway.
But I have Powertap P1 pedals and have to choose either R or L pedal. Only get half power - doesnt double it. Its important for me to use pedals on trainer so i have same power readings year round. Is this something that can/will be fixed?

since Zwift seems uninterested in actual power meters on their system, here is what I did:


I bought a 4iiii Heart rate meter that also has a connection for ANT+ forwarding.

I pair my pedals to it, and it shows up as a bluetooth power meter to my Zwift system.


The #'s it sends match up pretty closely to what the PowerTap P1 app reads (within a couple of watts for me), so I’m getting power data that way to Zwift.


I’ll note my PowerTap’s read about 20 watts lower than my Kickr Snap, so it sucked some of my power out of me (probably more accurate now)

Thanks for the tip Azeem!  However, ZWIFT PEOPLE- I’m only on the free trial.  If you can’t offer simple functionality of very common equipment for ~$15.00/month I will not be subscribing to your service.  I’m sure I’m not the only rider out there that expects this.  Hopefully others will take the time to chime in and let you know this is absolutely ridiculous in this technology era. Bilateral wattage has been around for a few years and other platforms seem to incorporate it fairly easily.  Your lack of replies to multiple comments over a long length of time speak volumes about your concern in this area.  Unreal.

And Steven from Zwift- your actually waiting for other customers to figure out your problem? 

I put this request in over 6 months ago and nothing has happened. I am now using power from the kicker when I am doing my training. It seems pretty close the the P1 pedals so it is ok however I really want the pedals so that I can get the pedaling dynamics. Calling this support is rediculus since I feel like no one in support has even read this request.

I tend to agree with Kevin. This is a poor show from a company that is clearly capable of introducing a feature that would benefit many users.
I’ve made a significant investment in my set-up, but the software is letting it down.

ZWIFT your lack of response to this since at least August via your OWN SUPPORT forum is ridiculous.  I get that finding away to work around layering multiple sensor signals can be a tedious.  However, it’s your lack of response to the comments and questions that is frustrating.  People pay for a product and are right in expecting some help or at least updates to the questions. 

WORK AROUND:    ANT and bluetooth each have their own single designated signals and multiple layers of information have to be layered on the same signal or “line” if that’s a better term.  The computer or phone have to know what and where it needs to look for that extra information on that signal  or it will not find it.   With multiple sensors and the bluetooth, ANT+ dual technology from different companies, I suspect ZWIFT developers can’t keep up or are stumped.  So here is a work around:  I did as Azee did above.  The 4IIII HR monitor can also translate ANT+ signal to BT and then to your phone or computer.  You can connect power, cadence and speed sensors to it and it is already a hr monitor.  Do that first via the 4IIII app. (Viiiiva’s app) When you scan for sensors on ZWIFT, the Viiiiva strap will come up, select that for all the sensors you have the Viiiiva connected too.   If you are using an ANT usb on your computer or phone for a different sensor (i used garmins gsc10 for speed) you just select that for that particular field.   This worked for me on a Macbook Air.  I ran Power, HR, Cadence alongside a Garmin 935 and the numbers were about the same.    

P1 PEDALS:    The R pedal is a slave to the L pedal.  All the info from the R pedal goes to the L and then gets transmitted to any apps via the L pedal.   I think this is the reason why only the L pedal shows up on the power meter field, it’s not allowing the information from the R pedal through.  So if ZWIFT developers didn’t know that, maybe you can look there to change your code.  

I believe Wahoo, and another company are coming out with the same type of HR strap/ ANT+ translator in the near future.  

The Viiiiva strap was 79.00 on Amazon and Ebay. 

Good luck and great riding, hope this helps.  

If I have no other problems, I’ll rethink subscribing.

How is it that Zwift still has NO solution?  ROUVY has implemented this for a LONG time now, with cycling dynamics too.  

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