Watt numbers

(Nicolai Hammenfors Wbr B) #1


It looks like Zwift can only read from one pedal if users have pedal based powermeters.

I use Powertap P1 and since Im stronger in one leg and Zwift simply doubles the reading from the chosen pedal the data is off. Upon startup when the software searches for the powermeter I can select either the right or left pedal. If the left pedal is chosen I get RPM and watt reading (however lower that the total) and if the right pedal is chosen I get no RPM reading and a higher watt reading (compared to the actual total output).

I ride with my Garmin watch as well and here the reading is the true wattage from both pedals.

Please develop support for both pedals or simply just read the total watt output from the source.

Thanks for a great experience all together


(John Watson) #2

I have the powertap p1s and found them to be worthless with Zwift. I couldn’t truly enjoy my indoor training setup until I switched to my KICKR smart trainer although I unpair the smart part to use ERG mode. I wish Zwift had an ingame ERG mode controller besides the workout planned one so I didn’t have to use my ELEMNT while working out but that’s unlikely.