Support both pedals powertap p1 through mobile link

(David Billings [BRT]) #1

Currently through the mobile link only one Powertap P1 pedal can be linked to Zwift. 

This gives inconstant power readings unless you’re 50/50 over what a Garmin head unit reads for example.

This can be easily replicated…pair the right pedal then side sided pedal with the left and Zwift will read 0…pedal with the right and watts will be reported.

(David Billings [BRT]) #2

one sided pedal* not side side sided pedal :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Hair) #3

Agree. Just started with Zwift and P1 pedals. It appears that the mobile app will connect to both pedals, but for different things. For example, you can set the left pedal as the power source and the right pedal as the cadence source.

We just need to be able to set 2 power sources that combines them.

(A Wedd [WKG] b) #4

This is especially useful in the IOS app.  If you use ANT + for your power pairing, the left pedal aggregates the signal sent to the reciever.  With BLE I believe each pedal sends its own data so the application has to aggregate it.  Bluetooth is working great in ZWIFT on IOS for me so far, only had one pairing issue with my BLE HR strap on one ride.  Would be great if Zwift would allow pairing of both pedals over bluetooth.  We’d then get more accuracy in our power readings.  Love Zwift, love my P1s, and I think BLE is the way to go if you are using an Apple device

(shane gorman) #5

ah… now it all makes sense. Wondered why my P1’s were reading well below my Garmin. I have been pairing the left pedal (my weak leg via knee recon).

Agree with above comments… I love my P1’s and I enjoy Zwift.

Bloody annoying when the power is below the mark!!!



(Francis (RollersBoy) Amargo) #6

Add me to the list of those wanting this feature to have Zwift aggregate both pedals for the P1.  I’m switching to rollers that has smart resistance. But I want the P1 to provide to power readings. I used IOS with the ANT+ dongle but really wanna get rid of it and just use BLE all throughout

(A Wedd [WKG] b) #7

I am using the Emotion rollers with the Qubo smart resistance unit and I really like them.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy riding smart rollers in zwift.

(Francis (RollersBoy) Amargo) #8

A. Wedd - Those are the exact same rollers I just got and awaiting delivery. For now, I’ll be using Ant+ since Ant+ aggregates the Left and Right pedals. Hopefully Zwift sorts this out for BLE soon.

Is the Qubo unit controllable via BLE?

(A Wedd [WKG] b) #9

Yup.  I pair my pedals and the qubo unit to my Ipad with bluetooth (so I only get the one pedal doubled,  but I have my garmin file if I want to see the aggregate).  So far have had zero problems with either.  The feel is definitely more realistic with the trainer difficulty slider all the way over to the right.  I do slide it down to the middle when I’m doing FTP tests so I’m not shifting as much, but thats the only time.  I think you’ll like the rollers!

(Kevin Pease) #10

I also would like to see the ability to use both P1 pedals with BLE. I have data dropout problems with ANT+ using a USB dongle. The Wahoo Kicker power reads lower than the P1 pedals. I have two sets of pedals and they both read close to the same so I suspect the P1 pedals are more precise. I need to correlate the power from my trainer with real life TT workouts and races so I prefer using the P1 pedals on the trainer also.

I really want to see both legs recorded independently in the data sent to Training Peaks. At this time even when using ANT+ on the left pedal Zwift does not save data from each pedal so that I can track pedaling dynamics.

The left P1 pedal with ANT+ does agrigate the readings and also reports independent data for pedaling dynamics.


(R. Venema) #11

Totally agree here… I just got my new Favero Assioma Duo pedals in and wanted to test them last night. I do all connecting with Bluetooth. I could either choose left or right, but not both at the same time. 

Connecting to the Garmin was no problem, so I had that running beside the Zwift app but it’s not ideal. 


Zwift… ?? Anything going on this issue? 


(Lars Midtb�o) #12

I have the same problem with my Favero Assioma Duo. Zwift only reads one pedal and the numbers are too low.

Are you working on solving this Zwift?

(Kevin Pease) #13

I wish you would fix this problem soon. Since I set my mac up for BLE I can’t seem to also use ANT+. Id I could use both I would connect to the pedals ANT+ and other things BLE.

(Tony Sweet) #14

I use P1 pedals and an iOS setup and it’s very smooth and consistent but … as others have said only one pedal at a time will connect with Zwift which then doubles that output. BUT you can control which pedal the app connects with - simply activate only that one pedal before synching. That way, if your legs are uneven, you can connect to your stronger side (or your weaker side if you really want to!)

Zwift support - it would be nice to have this problem resolved!

(Alistair Brown [KRT]) #15

Dual sided pedals communicating via Bluetooth to iOS/Android Zwift is only going to become more common. It would be great to see Zwift incorporating this feature soon. 

(Colton Miller SCTT) #16

As a note to those who are looking to use dual power with Zwift. Thi is still unresolved as of March 2018. It’s been nearly 2 years, and there’s been no sign that this is going anywhere.

(Kevin Pease) #17

Come on guys. This has been a long time and true support of the p1 pedals and even the Garmin vector 2 pedals is needed. I really enjoy doing my workouts on ZWift however I also really like the pedaling dynamics available from my P1 pedals that I don’t get when I use Zwift for my workouts. At this time I don’t even bother to put the P1 pedals on the bike that is mounted in the trainer. This is supposed to be customer support can’t we do better?

(Nat Maple) #18

Where are we with a fix or statement on this issue. I also use P1 pedals with a Kickr. (May 2018)