Rollers and PowerTap P1


If I use PowerTap P1 pedals on my rollers, will this remove the 400w cap on the ‘Unlisted Trainers’ profile?


I assume yes, as the power reading will be accurate, just want to be sure :slight_smile:





If you have a Powertap, you’d pair under Power, not speed, so you wouldn’t use the Unlisted Rollers setting (you pick either Power OR Speed). tl;dr: yes. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Hi, so I paired on power and the software picked up via Ant+. Only thing is it only provided data for one pedal in the activity file. I have the dual P1 powertap pedals. I saw that via Bluetooth only one side can pair, but I thought both sides would register on ant+?

If using ANT+, then automatically your left P1 pedal will aggregate data from it and the right pedal and send through.  So the data you should have should reflect power output of both pedals, not just the one.

Unfortunately you cannot do this if you connect via Bluetooth as Zwift will only allow you with Bluetooth to connect to one pedal at a time for power.  So you definitely want to use ANT+.

Hi, so that’s my question. I am connected via ant+. Strava only shows one power line on the chart and Poweragent would also not display left and right - there is no balance. This was my first time using the pedals, so maybe I hadn’t calibrated correctly.

Does this mean that on Zwift, you get one aggregated power reading, rather than a spilt?

That’s right.

I usually have my Garmin 520 running same time as Zwift which shows me the balance and aggregate power as well, so I can see the pedals are working fine and that the aggregate # matches between Zwift and Garmin.

You could also run the PowerTap app on your iPhone concurrently if you want to confirm and could see the splits if you want to just make sure aggregation is actually happening, but that is usually pretty self evident given the #s.