External Power Meter

I am using external power meter as power source.
Does Zwift provide L/R Balance information?
It is not shown up in Garmin Connect or Strava.

I do not think so. Many of the enhanced power statistics (zones, time in zone etc) are lost when logging activities through Zwift. L/R balance is likely one of them

Yes,you need a bike computer to get that info.

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WHat Power Meter are you using?

I am using Assioma Pedal Based Cycling Power Meter Duo side.

If I am using Garmin Edge, it definitely shows up that information.
I am talking about Zwift activity that sync to Garmin Connect or Strava.

Zwift dont supply that info,if you want it to show in garmin connect you need to download it from your edge!

You don’t understand my point.
I need one activity for one workout in Garmin Connect or Strava with all data.
Not two activities for one workout in Garmin Connect or Strava.

I hope you are not Zwift staff.
I pay for the service and I am talking about Zwift, not bike computer.
If Zwift can’t provide me that information, what the point for me to pay the service!!!

No im not zwift staff,i really like your attitude,good luck with that!