Help! Assioma Duo wrong power reading

Hello everyone! I tried looking for all the answers out there but i cant find a solution. long story short I put my assioma duo in a different bike and change the crankarm length in the assioma app. first try the power reading was way above. cruising at 300 watts so i tried to calibrate it and now its reading less than 80watts at. basically reading almost less than half of what i can produce for that speed. I also tried doing the static weight test. and all is good. I dont know anymore. I dont know how to factory reset this pedals. I tried contacting assioma but still waiting for the day. If theres anyone who have the same experience as mine and fixed it. please let me know how did you resolved it. thanks

Not sure if this helps (copied from the Assioma manual).

"Reinstalling the pedals (on another bicycle)
Any time the pedals are moved from one bicycle to another, manual calibration must
be performed (Chap. 10). Once the pedals are reinstalled, the power and cadence data displayed on the bike computer are no longer reliable until Assioma performs an internal self-calibration. Assioma self-calibrates while cycling by making a few tens of pedal turns. To speed up the procedure, it is advisable to ride seated, at a uniform pace and on a leveled road.

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thanks for this! ill try pedaling later maybe 30 mins and hope that would solve itself. thanks again!

Perform a manual calibration from the Favero Assioma app.
This should solve your problem