Zwifthub wrong power reading

I was thrilled to receive my Zwifthub yesterday and after installation and configuration, connected it to my iPad for a first ride.

At first, I didn’t get any power reading (or only very low) from the Zwifthub so after a few minutes I did a spindown as I thought this was about power calibration. From that moment my power reading increased but was still much below my normal power (as measured with my Assioma duo).

So after 10min, I did another spindown hoping that my power reading would be better, but still, the issue remained. Zwifthub gave me a reading of 75W while Assioma measured 140-150W.

I did a full bike training of more than 23 minutes with switching between Zwifthub and Assioma but the power reading from the Zwifthub never improved.

Any idea what’s wrong and how I can fix this?

Fyi, iPad and Zwifthub have the latest firmware.

Attached you can see the graph from this workout.
The higher readings and spikes are when using the Assioma as input while the other more stabilised reading is when using Zwifthub.

Hate to say this but are you sure it isn’t the Assioma’s that have been lying to you all this time. If you have an Assioma Uno there is a double the power setting in their software that should be turned off if you have Assioma Duos.

Valid point, but I just checked the Assioma settings and they are set correctly for the DUO.