Eliter Trainer power vs Assioma Pedal Power

I have a Direto XR and Assioma Duo pedals. When compare the recorded power in Zwift Power analysis, the Direto XR power is consistently 5% higher than that of the Assioma power.

I expected them to be different, but I never expected the trainer power to be larger.
I’ve verified that the pedals have the correct arm length 175 mm
I did a spin-down test a few weeks ago on the trainer. It was perfectly fine.
I haven’t calibrate the pedals in a while. I did that after the ride. *my watch said the offset was zero.

Do you all have any suggestions? What should I try next?

Thanks, in advance.

How did you calibrate the trainer? All trainers should be calibrated using the manufacturer’s app if available. I would also calibrate the trainer and the pedals at the same time since environmental conditions might affect the process.

Did you calibrate the pedals manually as per the Favero instructions using the Assioma app?

For this, the crankarm should be vertical, no load on the pedals and the bike perfectly upright (not leaning).

The Assiomas are also supposed to calibrate themselves automatically, though you can override this with a manual calibration.

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How did you measure the difference. I would suggest dual recording and then compare the data in Zwiftpower.com.

It can also just be that the trainer read high and you can’t do anything about it.

check the 4 digit calibration number under the unit and calibrate it in the elite app, they should be identical or within 1 digit of eachother. if not then contact elite and they will help you to the best of their ability although they are an italian company so expect about three weeks of waiting in between emails

it could also be possible that pedals are reading low. if you just fitted them, they might need a ride or two to get settled.

My Favero Assioma Duo’s read a bit higher than my KickrV5 does.
You can check the accuracy of the Assioma’s by doing a static weight test.
I use the pedals to control my Kickr from within the Wahoo app.
Maybe you can do the same for your Elite.

Do a static weight test via the Favero App and go from there.

Yes, I used the trainer’s own app. The calculated number was within 3 of the one on the sticker from the manufacturer.

Yes, I did dual recording. bluetooth in zwift app, ant+ to watch and compared in zwift power analysis

I did a static weight test on the Duos.
They were -0.6% and -0.7% off of the measured weight.
The application said that no adjustment was necessary.
The pedals were within 0.01 kg of each other.

I just did another spin-down calibration and the trainer’s new value is 3 off of what it was at manufacture time.

I’ve decided to contact Elite. I think the elite direto XR is just off. It has a +/- 1.5% specification and the pedals have a +/- 1% specification. There’s no way to adjust the trainer.
I even added one of those 1mm washers to each pedal to ensure the distance to the crank arm was over 1mm. One of them about 0.9mm.

I guess I’ll just see what Elite has to say about this. Hoping for the best.

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Power meters are the wild west.

Getting multiple meters to line up perfectly across brands at all temperatures is like complex juggling.

You can adjust your pedals to semi match the trainer, if having them read the same is your goal. As to which is accurate, flip a coin.

These 1% claims are just that, claims. Usually, optimistic.

There is no precise universal standard testing protocol for manufacturers to meet, so you’re essentially comparing non precise to non precise.

The best advice, is use the same power meter. Hopefully, it’s consistent. The Assiomas are generally very good. However, they do vary from unit to unit. I’d just run off them.

Good luck.

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I have the same exact problem with Elite suito trainer and the assioma’s.
Today i did a 1h40 Endurace Ride.
Elite avg power - 190w
Asioma’s avg power-200w.

The difference is even higher on rapid cadence Burts or sprints.
I’ve found 100w difference in sprints.

On a clean drivetrain, you would expect power readings to be ~5% lower than those from a crank or pedal power reading.

On a dirty drivetrain, losses will be greater from turbo power readings.

Instead of looking at average power you should duel record and compare the data using Zwift power. that will give you a better idea of the delta

It is only 2% for me (Power2max NGeco vs Tacx Neo).

Ken, found the same exact thing. My Direto was reporting 10w higher constantly.
Use your assiomas as power and just use the direto as controllable

Elite is ignoring me lol…

I actually contacted Elite. They asked me to do some very specific power curves and record data from both the pedals and trainer. I calibrated my pedals with known weights, to the gram. After all that, the trainer was consistently higher by way more than any % error would allow. Upon seeing the data, Elite just brushed it off. Basically they said. “look the power data goes up and down when it should. it tracks, therefore, the trainer is good.” obviously, they were ignoring my issue and wanted me to go away. So I now just control the trainer and get power data from the pedals.

regardless of the actual % difference, the trainer should be less +/- % error. And mine is definitely higher than the % error would allow.

yup. I definitely did that. See new reply. I could show you…and it’s obvious that the elite is off. (too high)

at least you’re is lower by a reasonable amount. 2.5%. Not too bad