Still a pre-2015 Elite trainer power issue?

I’ve been trying to work out why my Elite Direto is reading upwards of 6-7% lower power than my Assioma Uni pedals (e.g. zwift power analysis.php?set_id=183068) and you can clearly see the turbo power is consistently reading low.

I raised a ticket with Elite who got me to dual record in their myETraining app (and my Garmin connecting to the pedals) which showed a sub 2% difference (zwift power analysis.php?set_id=182997). On querying the difference they said:

"As on MY E-Training the difference is under 10W the issue is not from the trainer. In fact My E-Training use the raw data from the trainer. In case you are using Zwift and the difference is bigger is because Zwift is apply some modification of the data of the trainer.

In this case, please refer directly to Zwift assistance line and check why the data showed on their software is not accurate as it should be"

Searching support I saw:

gozwift support issue: elite-trainer-issues-BJHAEI_NS, " Pre-2015 Elite Smart Trainer Displays Wrong Power Output"

So, is there some fundamental problem with Zwift where it’s not using the calibration on my trainer?

Hi @Stephen_Casey_3cTri, to my knowledge Zwift doesn’t alter or change the power reading it is receiving from the trainer or power source.

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