Elite Direto Power Accuracy vs Power Meter

Hi All - this a bit of a community feedback request. I use a Direto Trainer and have BePro Favero power meter pedals. The pedals are what I base my power on for all my riding, including Zwift.

Has anyone else found a significant difference between the Direto and their power meter?

Mine is about 10 % difference right now (Direto being 10% lower than the pedals). I don’t remember this being the case when I first started to using the Direto (but I cant verify with data). I “feel” like this more came about when I had buggered up the Direto by playing with the wheel circumference from my Wahoo head unit and then fixed it. In the end it not a big deal as i use the pedals as my baseline, but 10% is a pretty large difference and it would be nice to know if its my pedals or the trainer.



Hi Jamie, I’ve been using the similar setup, Direto and Favero Assioma Uno. I found power readings to be pretty spot on. The only difference around 8% was when I used Osymetric chainrings.

Favero should release a new firmware in April addressing non round chainrings power readings.