Direto XR - power off by around 50W

Hello guys! I have upgraded from an elite evo trainer to a direto xr unit. I did calibrate it and started using it as usual. Unfortunately, my power seems around 50W lower than what I used to generate on my other trainer. I used to ride my zwift races at around 300W and now I can barely average 240-250W. A friend of mine owns his direto x, where I can ride at my “regular” watts, which makes me a little bit more confident about my direto being wrong. Anybody had similar experiences? It’s impossible to me to hold zwift wheels of my friends now who are generally slower in real life.

I have contacted the elite support last week, however they did not respond. The same with their official forum.

Hi Piotr,

Did you manage to get anywhere with this? I received my Direto XR yesterday and it seems to under-read.

I have been using rollers with a powertap hub wheel before this and based on RPE the Direto seems to be around 50W low, like yours. I trust the powertap hub since it was new in July and I’ve only done about 2000km on it. My spindown value on the Direto is only 1 different from the number on the sticker underneath, which indicate that the belt tension is correct. I’ve read elsewhere that a difference of 5 or more requires belt tension adjustment, which the Elite support should help you do if yours requires it.

Hi Edd!
I wish! Unfortunately, Elite support is not very responsive these days. On my device the spindown value is 3pts different, which should not require any tweaking. I have no idea what to do next. I am considering returning my unit to the retailer.

Hi guys, I notice the same problema of tours with my new elite direto XR ( I did an FTP test and I score 35w less then my usual FTP)…The value after the calibration is exactly the same of the one under the trainer…I have a ticket open with elite, but I’m still waiting…If I have news I’ll let you know…

hello piotr,own a direto xr for some weeks and all works fine,elite has updated their version on my-etraining and i did calibration via the app,now readings have dropped and resistance is much harder,before the calibration it was very smooth to ride,now quite a pain in the ass,level 40 here with 16.000km of zwift…maybe u could give me your opinion,my regards.

Hi Guys, I have similar problem, unfortunately cannot compare since I do not own other watt measuring device, but still I have feeling that wattage is around 30-40W lower. Has anybody found a solution ?


There is only one solution - compare with powermeter. Feeling is far away from measuring.

Perhaps some friend with pedal powermeter?

Hi Milan, I know and I will have power meter soon to compare. However I am still interested in this topic and would like to know any more info or solution. Anybody any news ?

To be honest - that’s why I would compare - I do not believe there is a solution. Your Direto XR has a built-in powermeter, Elite says ±1.5%.

Take a look at this test:

Of course it is possible your trainer is not Ok, but I really do not think there is a common issue with this trainer.

Thanks Milan for your insight, read that review already. You have true that without comparison is this “feeling” not very reliable. Will come back once I make a comparison.

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I am interested in hearing the outcomes to peoples problems here ?.

I also have the Direto XR for several weeks. On my road bike I have the Assiomas Duo power pedals, and I also connected them with zwift to compare, and the wattage corresponds to the measurement of the trainer. So here it will be fine. I also put the latest firmware on the trainer, and everything works fine.

I got the Direto XR last week and I have done about 4 rides on it. I was only using Tacx Vortex wheel on trainer previously which had my ftp at 295w, I was thinking that this was possibly a bit high. Since going to then Direto I rode today for 57mins with an average power of 232w. I was absolutely spent by the time I finished. My guess is I could possibly get my ftp up to the 240w mark but this is well down from my previous trainer. I don’t have any other power meter to compare to. I have just calibrated it again the rough the Elite software and see how that alters things, previously I had calibrated it through Zwift.

Gutted as I had just progressed tomCatB races, on today’s figures I will be getting kicked out of the back in CatC.

The Tacx Vortex is a very inaccurate wheel on trainer. The Direto XR should be a top end smart trainer so I would trust it but it would always help to compare with a power meter.

Christian, to be honest I was expecting there to be a difference just not so big. The Direto is probably giving an accurate reading, just got my fingers crossed that calibrating it through the Elite app rather than Zwift will bring back some of my lost power.

Don’t count on it unfortunately. I’ve actually seen a dual recording uploaded to zwiftpower of a tacx wheel on compared with a good power meter and it was overreading by a whopping 50% compared to the PM (favero assiomas)

Yowzer. I guess there is a strong chance that I’m not as strong/fit as I thought i was.

At least you didn’t upgrade to a Tacx Neo otherwise you’d be real upset.

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Hi guys! So I actually bought a pair of brand new shiny assioma faveros and in fact the measurements proved the diretto wasn’t wrong at all. I simply was (kind of) weaker than I thought, but it was not the pure muscular power. In my case it was all about the difference in pedaling mechanics. Once I learned the diretto power meter is much more sensitive and instantly reacts to any power drops in my pedalling, I decided to work on my technique and… guess what - it turned out the numbers are now way higher than previously and I feel stronger overall.

Sometimes it’s not the device, it’s the legs :wink: Learned it hard way :wink: