Spinning out on hills & resistance not appropriate

I raced last night & on the 1st hill in the pack high 300’s mid 400 W’s then I’m spinning out in the largest gear like I’m in the granny ring. Can’t physically produce more power as there just isn’t sufficient resistance V the grade I was on! Trying to find a reason as to why this may have happened as it happened on all the hills -the resistance just wasn’t there to power up the hills!

Could you give more info, like what trainer you are using? The more info the better.

Yes sorry should have out the info on. It’s a Direto XR linked with a Mackbook. I used to use a stages L/R power meter in conjunction with the trainer but haven’t for a few rides/races now and have had no noticeable issues even when doing a TP workout

I would re-calibrate your trainer. Use the Elite My-eTraining app, and don’t use Zwift’s own calibration. There’s no way that an Elite Direto XR should be producing too little resistance.

Double check that your Controllable device is paired properly.

Thanks Steve, I have previously used the Zwift calibration rather than the Direto calibration so will give that a go next time I log in for Zwift

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wat type of bike do you have attached to trainer?
some say if you use a mountain bike you don’t have the gearing available to access higher watts.
Direto XR goes up to 2300w so you should not be having any issues xD
Try disconnecting everything from main menu and reconnecting, make sure “controllable” is connected properly. Then load into game world, open up menu, and check “trainer difficulty” slider is not set all the way to the left as well as this disables resistance increases on gradients.

Thanks Ben it’s a road bike with 53 -11/28 will disconnect all & re-cal as well as checking the resistance