Elite Direto X - Resistance Wrong

This has started happening for me since an update a couple of months ago. Me and my wife have a DiretoX each - Connected to different PCs. It is happening to both.

Then the ride starts the Direto makes a horrible grinding noise as if the Direto is being commanded to resistance that is beyond its intended range.

The ride then starts and the resistance is wrong by one extreme or the other its far to easy or I can barely turn the pedals. If after a bit of riding (Normally a significant change in gradient) it sorts itself out and all is good.

I have managed a couple of time to get it working by going into the spin down calibration. But this doesn’t always work.

Anyone else seen this? Is there a fix?



I would contact Elite support. It may well be that a little bit of maintenance is required, which Elite can help you with.

It might, just might, be this issue - ERG Workout on Elite Direto XR suddenly far too hard - #18 by _Hadi_oh_papayo

But do contact Elite first before dismantling your trainer.

Thank you very much Steve I’ll take a look into it.

That worked! Thank you so much Steve. Bit of greese on the screw and we’re back in action.