Elite Direto in ERG mode

Hello all,

I’ve been reading the posts in regards to the power not being adjusted in ERG mode. I’m glad some of you were able to get it working by cleaning the jack shaft.
My jack shaft moves freely however only by using my fingers.
Nothing will control it.
When i increase the power on an app, i get a short buzz and no movement, each time up or down.
Has anyone else had this problem?
Thank you.

I hope you’ve contacted Elite support. I think that’s who you need to talk to.

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Hi Paul,

I have, however with the delay in corresponding due to different time zones, i just thought I’d try this angle.

Had this problem with my Direto X in October 2023 although I can’t remember if I could turn the resistance screw by hand. Anyway, root cause for me was that the circuit board was fried and they sent me a new one which I had to pay for (trainer was 3.5 years old at that point). If that is indeed your case then the replacement is very straightforward and the trainer is still working well.

When troubleshooting the problem Elite tech support made me go through the process of greasing the resistance screw anyway so be prepared for them to suggest that as a first option. I actually tried that (and videoed it doing nothing) before I contacted Support and just sent them the video when they asked for it.

Thank you for this detailed reply.

I have a short buzz every time i hit + or - on the app.
No movement at all, and I’m not sure where the buzz is coming from as it’s not the motor buzzing.
I bought mine in January 2019, but haven’t used it much, actually only maybe 80 rides.

Yeah that sounds like my issue too, fingers crossed Elite support can get you going again quickly!