Direto X

I’ve been reading som negative comments (most of it “between the lines”) on the Elite Direto X trainer. Can someone tell me if there really is something wrong with it in terms of using it for racing in Zwift?
I’ve been using one for the last 6 months and would like to know if I should be worried that my powernumbers are reliable?

Your power numbers are likely fine. The only issue that I’m aware of is that there are some other trainers that go into supertuck more easily, i.e. which more quickly report zero watts when coasting.

i’m pretty sure both diretos i’ve owned have overread slightly in sprints (maybe 5-8% at peak 1s), but i dual record with a single sided crank so i can’t be exactly sure. they are quite reliable overall though. i’ve never hit a PR on one i couldn’t hit outdoors

they can be manipulated to read high by breaking the tamper seal and tightening the belt though pretty much every trainer can be manipulated in one way or another, including neos

How do you manipulate a neo?

Asking for a friend who who wants to go up the Alpe faster than his other friend.


That sounds like the issues I been hearing/reading about! That the Direto gives you extra watts if you are pedaling “on and off” continuously due to the fact that the Direto doesn’t go into supertuck that easily!?

the original direto did that, i think the x and xr-t are more likely to rob you of them… it’s difficult to get a direto into a supertuck because they have a really annoying habit of hanging on to like 15-20w or so for a few seconds after you stop pedalling no matter how freshly calibrated they are. i don’t know if it affects every unit but it affects my current one