Direto X on screen power levels falls slowly when I stop pedalling


Was racing yesterday and when trying to get into a supertuck I noticed my power in app fell slowly when I stopped pedalling. Team mates were able to get into a supertuck much more quickly than me when they stopped peddling at the same time. We were all on 3 second smoothing and all going fast enough on a 6% decent. My power readings in app consistently took nearly 10 seconds to fall from 300w to zero. Anyone else had the same experience?

My direto X is calibrated, has up-to-date firmware and connected via Ant +.

Emailed Elite and they said it wasn’t a problem with the trainer, but a zwift thing.



This seems to be a known issue with Direto trainers. I have the same problem with my Direto.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your reply. Do you mean it’s a known issue with zwift or is it an direto issue? Elite support instantly washed their hands of it saying was zwift’s fault. When I use RGT I can’t say I notice much of a difference ( ie power levels drop slowly there as well).

But maybe I’m expecting too much. My 4iiii crank connected to my lezyne mega also shows a slower than expected drop-off. 1 sec power takes maybe 5 sec to read zero after I stop pedalling…


Oddly enough, Zwift support have been in touch saying my phone (even though I am not using my phone apart from for companion app) doesn’t have enough RAM (only 512) . Not sure what they are banging on about as my laptop has 4GB RAM