HRM and Assioma still can't connect

Ipad Pro w/ Zwift 1.15.1 (75994)

After last update I could not connect the Assioma pedals as Power Source when the trainer (elite suito) was setup as Controllable. it just does not show up. Then updated to current version and HRM (Polar H9) wont show up either. Everything connects nicely to Fenix 6 so not an issue with device.

Please help fix!

Same issue here, since the update, my iPad cannot connect to my cranks power meter and my Snap at the same time, so I cannot use my crank as a cadence sensor.

For me to get the cadence to work I have to use the crank power meter as the power source, not the trainer, but then I cant use the trainer for anything.

How has this still not been resolved?!

It seems to be something about the connection sequence. Occasionally now I can get it to work. Indeed I feel a bit let down.