WATTbike Pro power sticking even though stopped pedalling

We have the Pro Wattbike and have been using it fine with Zwift for over a year, but in the last 2 weeks it seems to have developed a bug. I have read it before on this forum but cant find out what the fix was or indeed has it even been fixed yet?

Basically as soon as you stop pedalling on the Pro, Zwift will still show you as moving stuck at that power indefinitely! So you could easily get up to a certain power wattage and stop and go make yourself a cup of tea and would mean all sorts of cheating in races could happen as well as your mates getting thick with you.

Fixed or still an issue?

Hi. I have the same thing on my Wattbike pro …did you get an answer?

Me too. Still experiencing issues when after freewheeling downhill the resistance is maxed out. I have to do multiple downshifts to try and find the right gear just to get going again.

Did anyone get an answer/fix for this? I currently have the same issue, I have contacted Wattbike who asked for photos/videos of the problem. No response as yet!