Wattbike / ipad IOS issues

Hi I run a Wattbike Atom (latest firmware) & first generation ipad pro (latest update). All was working fine yesterday following the update, but today on Zwift in organised rides and just riding my power is low, but i am speeding !! it hardly turning the pedals, but going at 30mph etc.

Is this bug known and is something being done !!! Need this fixed ASAP please as it is upsetting my daily Zwifting !!! 53 Days continuous on Zwift and my only riding platform…

Watt bike are you using? Nah, only kidding. Trying to be punny.

It’s a known issue. Check the known issue forum. It’s being worked on, actually it may be fixed and it’s just the delay of apple approving it for the AppStore.

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Hi Ben. Like the reply. Glad it’s being sorted / will be sorted. Have reinstalled Zwift twice and not working. But will leave it overnight and update tomorrow.

Watt Bike… very good.