Issues with wattage


Im getting a issue with the Watts and speed in race and free rides. The thing is, in Workouts its all fine i get the right amount of watts for the effort im putting in, but when im doing a Free ride/race i get like 60-100w when i normaly would be pushing 600-800w, with the same gear and cadence. This also happens in the FTP sessions, the warmup and such is all fine, but when i hit the 20min’s im going to do the FTP, i get the same problems as in Free ride/race’s. 

My trainer: Elite Realtour B+, im pairing over Ant+ and runing Zwift on my PC.

Tried to send a mail about my issue, but i got the respose that they dint know. And the response time is awful. So i wanna try here a last time before zwift is deleted.

Hi Simen,

I apologize if there was any confusion. It looks like your first ticket on Friday was responded to in less than two hours, in which we requested some additional information. 

Also, it looks like you kept opening new tickets instead of replying to the emails that contained our responses.

Well, in case you didn’t see it, here is the most recent response from the support team:

"Thanks for your patience while this was escalated to me. I had a look at your account, and it does look like everything is correctly paired. Have you tried pairing over BLE to see if the issue happens there too?

We’ve written a guide for connecting via BLE on our knowledge base. Try those, and let me know if you’re getting stuck or have questions.

If you see the issue over BLE too, try doing a calibration spindown in the Elite E-Training app. More information on this is also in our knowledge base."

So hopefully you can give his suggestions and shot and reply back to the email responses that have been sent to you.

Best of luck!