Wattbike atom difficulty setting

Where are you guys putting the difficulty setting in Zwift for the atom mine is at default but I could never get to gear 22!!
Any help appreciated

Hi! I would be interested to see what other people’s feedback on this is also. I am having issues with power output on my V2 atom. On a flat road I can ride comfortably in gear 10 at 200-250 watts doing a sensible cadence. Once I have been riding for a while resistance seems to ramp up until I am down to gear 1 doing 240 watts at 40 cadence.

I also don’t understand why the gear ratios are so hard. I can’t use anywhere near 22 going down the alpe. That is after I have ground my way up there with the worlds hardest gear 1

Hi. Fellow Atom user. After much digging (Watt Bike said the trainer adapts its ratios to your style which is simply not true) I’ve found the ratios are set to 52/36 and 11/28 so sort of semi compact. They have introduced an 11 ratio option but I can’t find what it is and it’s an option you have to change in the wattbike app and changes it in the firmwear settings so you can not change it in Zwift. My view is the ratios (and I’m a low reving grinder) are too difficult and put even me off the climbs as you end up going up the 10% bits in 1st at 60rpm getting (slowly) passed by people spinning away at 85rpm plus :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I’ve set the trainer difficulty setting in Zwift to approximately 30% and find it much better it’s like changing your ratio to 50-34, 11-32 if that makes sense :+1: