11 or 22 gears Wattbike Atom in Zwift?

Hi, am new to zwift and interested too hear if there’s a preference for using Wattbike atom in zwift on 11 or 22 gears please?

Hi Scott,

Welcome to Zwift!

I’ve been using the wattbike atom for 8 months and there’s pros and cons with 11 and 22 gearing ratio’s, first off the 11 gear option is great for understanding your wattbike and zwift in general, if you wanna just switch on and go for a cycle learn the courses, use your drops for new purchase in game or to meet-up with friends etc…this great if you prefer the set and forget option! I used the 11 gear option for 6 months.

The 22 gear default option is better if you are used to playing the game, it gives you better gearing for the road to sky/epic KOM and climbing in general, but be advised if you are not used to zwift/wattbike you will find getting the right gear at the right time annoying :hot_face: but with patience this can easily be resolved with game knowledge and better bike handling understanding what’s available when you need it.

I reverted back to 22 for last 2 months because when climbing for longer periods you have more gear options so and it’s better for learning to use a bigger gear, some gears changes in 11 mode feel more of a step up, so you might struggle to maintain the correct power output, pedalling efficiency over big efforts.

Hope this helps you Scott and ride on :+1:t2:

Ps…set your trainer difficulty between 0 - 20% in zwift, start a ride go to menu then settings and move the slider to 0 - 20%, this will allow you to use higher gears and give a more road bike feel in term of gear usage, remember 400watts is 400watts regardless of trainer difficulty, this is well documented in the forums, it’s basically adjusting your gear ratio!


Really helpful, thank you. Did Alpe De Zwift today. It hadn’t changed to 22, made it a bit tougher!