Wattbike Atom and Zwift

Hi, hopefully I am not duplicating loads of historical posts, I did try searching but could not find any answers.

I am looking to buy a Wattbike atom, I’ve read all the reviews etc, however my circumstances dictate a fixed indoor bike rather than trainer.

My questions are really is to anyone with one. How does it work with Zwift.

If you approach a big hill presumably the resistance gets harder… if you were on a Tacx you could knock the real bike gears down and spin the pedals more to make life easier… but if you knock the gears down on the atom this would just release the resistance wouldn’t it? Or does the atom interact in some other way with Zwift?

Also I was wondering whether the Wattbike Hub operates at the same time as being connected to Zwift on another device? Can they both operate at the same time?

I plan to have the Wattbike Hub on an iPad, and run Zwift on my big screened iMac, is this possible and is anyone running it like this?

I went to the nottingham showroom today at HQ and the bike was great, but they could not really answer my questions and the test ride wasn’t long enough to get a feel. The 4th gear issue was present on the demo bike in Zwift though haha.

Thanks in advance from any Wattbike owners for the feedback.

Hi Graeme

I’ve got the Wattbike atom and I use it solely with Zwift, and I love it. The atom recognises gradient and increases resistance accordigly, and you can alter gears to adjust so you can climb. It works pretty well. There were some well publicised gear delay issues but these look to have been ironed out in the latest wattbike update, and zwift update.

I use Zwift on my iPad with the atom, and I don’t use the wattbike hub at the same time. I’m not sure if you can run both at the same time, but I’ve not tried too. If I’m honest, I use them independently for different things. Zwift is decent for FTP and I’ve only used the Wattbike hub a few times.

I was nervous buying the atom after reading some of the reviews, but I’m pleased to say it’s been absolutley flawless for me with Zwift, I am absolutely hooked. Love the atom set up and how easy it is to connect and use, would definately recommend one if you have the funds.

Thanks for the great feedback.

I went an ordered one last Thursday, looking forwards to it turning up at some point and fingers crossed it meets expectations.

It’s so hard making a decision with the very mixed feedback out there. It still seems to be the best fixed bike and is of course never going to feel like a real bike which seems to be some people’s expectations.

I was looking at the kickr setup in TriUk the other days and it was £1700 without a bike to put on it, and I’d not want the wear and tear on mine day to day.




Great topic :+1: I’m planning to buy a Wattbike Atom if Tacx doesn’t release the Neo Smart Bike, which I would prefer over a Atom, around Eurobike next month. And have been thinking asking the same as the OP before I buy since there are a lot of “rumours” about the Atom around, probably based on the first early production units…

If more Wattbike Atomowners has something to add I’ll hope they post it in this thread.


I don’t think the tacx bike is ever coming since garmin bought them. I was waiting for the same. I love the way the cranks have drive for the downhills etc on the tacx stuff.

I had a lot of good honest feedback from the Wattbike atom owners group on Facebook as well which is worth joining. Wattbike have a rep in there collecting feedback and responding

Hi Graeme

Thanks for this informative post about Wattbike taking care of the customers feedback, this is what I like to hear before buying.

Regarding the Tacx Bike I have been in contact with some that might know something ( even though everybody is “talking in codes” ). My impression is that there´s a good chance it will be released around Eurobike - Gp Lama or DC Rainmaker - i don’t remember also said “I have some news I can’t talk about, but it´s good news” last time they discussed the Tacx Bike.

I do also really like the feel of the Neo I’m currently on, and that´s why I would prefer the Tacx bike over the Atom, but I’ve also decided that if the doesn’t get released at Eurobike I’m going to place an order for an Atom - can’t wait forever - right ? :wink:


The risk is they announce it will be ready spring 2020… and then keep slipping it again and again and again… and then it will be a brand new model with issues