Wattbike Atom Resistance Issue

I’ve been riding on Wattbike Atom for over a year and have been generally really happy with it. Over the last few weeks I have found the resistance when climbing or sprinting to be very frustrating.

Climbing example.
While climbing up the Alpe I would expect to be in about gear 2 or 3 doing about 300 watts, thats certainly what I’m in on the Wattbike Hub. I find the resistance drops off and after a while I will end up all the way up at the top of the gear range.

Sprinting example.
In anticipation for a sprint i used to change up the gears and lower the cadence so when you are ready to sprint you are not having to change. Although the power shoots up to my max when I’m in top gear after several seconds the resistance reduces and I end up spinning out…

Has anyone else experienced this on an Atom lately?

I’ve tried a couple of climbs in the Wattbike Hub and it seems to behave as you’d expect.

Hi Andy

One thing I find is that the rubber housing around the shifter buttons can move (especially when you’re hanging on for dear life). This can end up pushing on the buttons which can rapidly dump you into either top or bottom gear. It just needs reseating. I’m not sure this is what you are describing but just in case.