Resistence issue

Ok, I’m really P’d off, I can’t seem to solve this issue. So I had’t used my wattBike atom & Zwift for abt 12 months (house move etc).

The issue is my resistance and gearing. So everything starts off fine, I could be in gear 8 or 10 on the flat (0%) but it gradually gets more and more resistance. I have low cadence anyway @65-70 but gradually I’m grinding down in 55, I then drop a gear, feels fine again (I can feel the resistence coming off, cadence back up, spinning), then 20+ secs later you can feel it very slowly getting harder, (still on 0%), I drop a gear again, same thing happens, spin fine for a 20-40 secs, it gradually (slowly) gets more resistance. Next thing I know I’m way down in gear 1 on the same 0%. So when it comes to a hill I cant do a thing apart from grind up at abt 40 cadence.

I have to stop, hold the gear lever in till it goes up to @10 again, then restart peddling, it spins fine and then I go through the same motions again all the way back to gear 1. I expect to put it in a resitence and it stays there (on say 0%), and if I want to spin I drop a gear or 2, and if want to grind I go up a gear or two. But I can’t do that. I cant go spin (high cadence) up a hill for eg

It never did this before, really frustrating as I come to a decline and I should be able to fly back up through the gears again, but no, i’d get to 2 or 3 maximum. I almost have to stop to reset. I dont have the possibility of even going on an easy flay high cadence, low resistance ride, as the resistance just gets harder.

It’s nothing to do with ERG mode as i’m just diong a route myself (usually Mtn 8). It’s not an option.

I think I’ve tried everything, updated firmware, played with the difficulty setting, reset the Atom. Even contemplating a new profile. Would my old FTP have anything to do with it? (delete that?).

It used to be so realistic, now it’s the opposite. Any ideas anyone? Many thanks,

I had an issue with the resistance being almost permanently high about 18 months ago - was an issue with the reed switches triggering and needed a workshop repair unfortunately. Wattbike support can probably help you with the diagnosis (but likely you’ll have to pay the third party they use for the fix).

Thanks Jon, so I sent a support video to WattBike support and apparently they can see that the chain wheel sensor is underreporting. Hence needs a £200 service. Hopefully that will be it :pray:. Not great for only 3 days & 5 hrs total usage to date. :man_shrugging: