Wattbike vs. Stages SC3 on Zwift

(Marc Baur) #1

Hi all

I currently have my road bike attached to a KICKR Snap and I really love the experience. Since my girlfriend also wants to do some cardio workouts indoor we think of buying a stationary indoor bike.

Currently we are evaluating the Wattbike and Stages SC3. They can both connect to ZWIFT but since they dont have ANT+ FE-C the resistance (e.g. in up- and downhill in ZWIFT) cannot be reflected in the resistance.

Since I can’t imagine how that feels like I wanted to ask you guys if someone of you uses a Wattbike or a Stages SC3 within Zwift. If yes, how does it feels like? Is it great to use the tool? For which one of those would you go? Any advantages/disadvantages?

Thanks a lot for your help.


(Crystal Haggard ZHQ) #2

Hi Marc - to get an idea of what a non smart trainer feels like in Zwift, I suggest going into your in game settings menu and turning your trainer difficulty down to 0.  This will simulate what riding a classic trainer or indoor bike/power meter would feel like.  It actually works pretty well! 

(Cory Knight Trailer Park Racing) #3

I currently use a less expensive Proform stationary bike with Garmin Vector pedals and feel this works very well. the bonus with this set up I can switch my pedals out to a road bike and have similar power readings during outside training. when it comes to hills on zwift just crank up the Knob and power up the climbs. Sure it might take away some of the “real” feel of a smart trainer but its all based on power output either way.