Seeking Feedback on Wattbike Atom Performance in Zwift

Hey Zwift community!

I am thinking about upgrading my Zwift setup and started looking into Wattbike Atom. I’m curious about others’ experiences with it. Specifically, I’d like to know if the reported power aligns with your expectations. Have you encountered any annoyances such as unstable connections or pairing issues?

I’m looking forward to hearing about your insights and tips regarding the Wattbike Atom on Zwift. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Mixed bag - Having just moved away from one after 4/5 years of use.

So I had a V1, which is the older model. It was pretty much bombproof, but they suffer (perhaps suffer isnt the right word) from needing to be serviced as they get chain stretch which can lead to the power numbers going out of sync. Service is £250+ these days I think.
As they can only be fully calibrated by Wattbike in the factory if the service doesnt fix things, or in my case, actually break things further, they need to go back to Wattbike - Wattbike are good in this fact, pick up & drop off loaner bike while they have yours etc.

The V2 did have some firmware issues which caused bluetooth connectivity issues like no resistance - But I think they are pretty much fixed now.

There are lots of examples of Atoms suffering from sticky watts though, so if you pedal in an on\off style expect that to happen.

Ive moved to a Kickr Shift, I would highly recommend over the Atom - Its a much better experience and machine in my eyes.


Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for sharing your experiences with both the Wattbike Atom and the Kickr Shift. Your insights are truly valuable. I’m currently considering a new indoor cycling setup, and your detailed account has given me a lot to think about.

On the other hand, your positive endorsement of the Kickr Shift is intriguing. I’ve heard good things about it, and your recommendation adds weight to those considerations. Since you’ve made the switch to Kickr Shift, may I ask about its stability, especially considering that all the load is concentrated on one connection point to the pedestal? Stability is important for me, given that I’m on the heavier side compared to the typical cyclist (180 lb or 81 kg).

Thanks again for your time and insights—I really appreciate it!

I had the same concern, and so far it has been fine. I weigh a little more than you, 87kg and whilst there is lots of naturel movement or flex on the Kickr it does feel pretty stable, ive put 1000w through it and it felt fine but ive not really thrown it about to go for a absolute max effort sprint. On the other hand, the Atom didnt move when it came to Sprints - It really is rock solid, but there is no flex or movement in it as its such a sturdy unit.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with the Kickr and Atom. It’s reassuring to hear that the Kickr has been stable for you, even at 1kW power output. Personally, I’m not anywhere close to hitting 1000W, so it sounds like the Kickr’s stability should be more than sufficient for me. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and providing additional information—it’s incredibly helpful! Ride on!

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