Wattbike atom data?

Hi all so I’m over a month using my Wattbike atom after using a kicker core for around 4 years and here’s the thing everything has become so leach easier .
I’ve been in touch with Wattbike and sent them the data they requested when I raised my concerns about the difference between the two machines .
They said the Wattbike is calibrated and there is no issues .
Could my kicker have been that much out of calibration ?
I now compete without nearly passing out , ok I’m not winning everything but It’s just easier to compete .
Is my only option to get some dual recording pedals ( I think that’s what they’re called ) to check if I’m actually doing what my Wattbike is saying?
I’d hate to be not doing the watts I’m showing

Certainly worth borrowing some pedals so you can do a sensibility check. I have a Zumo and borrowed some Garmin pedals for exactly that reason (FWIW the Zumo was under-reporting by a couple of percent. Well within what I’d expect).

You can do a zero reset on the wattbike atom but that is the limit of the options to reset it. Its in the advanced options when you connect to the wattbike through the hub.

The only way to test is via some dual sided pedals. When I had my mine serviced, I went through the same thing, it was fine but then all of a sudden started overreading. I compared to my pedals and it was about 5-6% above where it was a few weeks earlier as I was able to compare and show wattbike that it was in sync with the pedals but had fallen out of. They took the wattbike back, gave me a loaner, and fixed then returned mine.

Yes I’ve done the reset , looks like I’ll have to buy some pedals as I don’t know anyone who has a set . Not cheap are they

There was something about - Set the bike up in normal 22 gear mode and connect to just the Wattbike hub.

Turn the pedals at over at 90RPM and you should see 210-220w - This isnt the greatest method, but if its showing 240 or 250w then something is up.

There is also coefficient number in the advanced settings and this should be between 2 values, and for the life of me I cant remember what it should be at the moment.

There is a fairly popular Wattbike Atom Facebook group that will offer some advice. Failing that, Wattbike have always been pretty good with resolving issues, contact them and see what they can offer by sending them the bike logs…

Yes I’ve sent them a video of I think what your explaining , and they are pretty good at getting back looking to resolve issues, I’ve sent them another just asking what can be done as I don’t want to buy power pedals