Mountain Bike Course

Also agree! A XC course would be great! I know there are a lot mountainbikers already on Zwift or interested for training during the winter. So I guess it will improve adoption of Zwift in mountainbikers community and even will add new users!

I also agree that a MTB / XC course would be a nice option. Please go forward with the development and GoLive with that. More people would ride ZWIFT when there is a chance to go off.road!

The idea was great two years ago and nothing happened. What is the current status?

Another voice for those who would love to see off road options. Road bike is my main, but I love to off road. It’d make for an excellent variance in visuals from the usual open road, too.

Another one for some single track.

I would love to have a MTB option in Zwift.  I am very new to Zwift but I am also only into Mountain Biking.  Please consider this addition.

I see a good amount of interest in an off road course, but there doesn’t seem to be any movement. Thinking about going on to Zwift, but without an off road course, may just stick with my video training (which gets boring after awhile). A MTB course would sell me…

I don’t foresee a “mountain bike” course happening anytime soon. However I can foresee them doing more or longer sections on dirt or gravel. It’s already on a large portion of the Road to Ruins section and you probably saw the construction markers by one section