Need to offer more world choices

Would like to hear if anyone else feels the same way. I wish we could access any of the 8 worlds at any given time and not just be restricted to Watopia and 2 other rotating guest worlds. Paying a monthly fee for this and it’s frustrating when I can also use my Rouvy app, which is less expensive, and they offer 1,400+ different routes from all across the world.

You can access all “non-event only” worlds quite easily. Some would suggest creating a meetup. I use ZwiftPref from and you can also use the world hack


I think the user base is big enough now to justify more worlds than three being available. Watopia is still by far the most popular, and the Pace Partners only being there doesn’t help.


Couple of things . You can using zwift preference app (or by editing with your map shedule files ) ride any of the worlds whenever you wish .

That said its only those who know about this hack so you will find them pretty quiet , no bad thing sometimes …

It would make sense given the world performance stressing at the moment due to the Northern Hemisphere ( where most zwifters are ) in in Mid Winter so worlds are all fuull to do it now , In a few months it might not be so much pressure .

That said did the CEO of ziwft not commit in a broadcast last year to the fact Zwift release new worlds every few months … Its been a few months since then … where are our new worlds :slight_smile:

And you wonder why Zwift is more popular.

With only a few worlds open there is always someone to ride with, I can always find a friend riding one of them.

Other platforms have many empty worlds.


Yeah I know all about the options. :+1:

However I’d guess that 95% or more of Zwift users don’t know, and more importantly never will care for editing the game files, or using third party software, or messing about with meetups etc. It’s not a solution.


Not to mention that (except for meetups) you have to be on Windows or Mac OS X. Oh, did I just mention that? :slight_smile:

Create more choices every day by combining existing worlds. Three worlds could provide a lot more roads and courses to choose from. Perhaps Paris could be linked to France. Richmond and New York and Innsbruck and Bologna, each of which are too small on their own? Yorkshire and London? The real world GPS coordinates are as irrelevant for each of them as they are for the Alpe du Zwift, which is next to a tropical jungle, up from a tropical beach, a desert, a volcano and a prehistoric forest. And Box Hill is not really just a short subway tunnel’s distance from the City. Give up on the Strava real world overlays. All those Strava KOMs have been pruned to a stub anyway. It’s the terrain and routes and scenery that are important, not the GPS coordinates.

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Agree there is scope to join some worlds if not directly but maybe reorg them.
After all Alpe should be in France , Far better they move it to France add virtual Gailber and Telegraph onto Alpe
Add Swains Lane and Regents Park to London
Lets have some Classics routes like Roubaix , Flanders , Fleche and LBL as a complete new world region.

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