France availability

Why don’t we have our Choice of all the worlds to ride yet. France should be available all the time to ride along with Watopia, the only 2 worlds with real Climbs. Thought this would of happened with the price increase.
The rest at will would be nice. But France and Watopia should always be up.

What price increase?

I don’t think there has been price has increase in 3 years before France even existed.

if you run on pc zwift preferences can be used to select any world or do a meetup works.

Agree though more choice is better just depends if there is enough riders to make a world feel populated

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With the latest new home screen UI there’s one more route as after you have selected a workout, you can select any route in any world to do the workout in, and then you can immediately quit the workout if you just want to do your own thing.


Does this apply to apple ios, not seeing.
The price increase I was refering to was a couple years ago now.
Thought this would of been a priority to be able to select any world maybe just lacking in ios, but its the most reasonable way to run Zwift.