Another concurrent guest world

With the influx of new people it would be nice if there would be another concurrent guest world in the schedule. It’s not like the worlds are running out of people

You can always ride any world you want in a meetup.

Yes but then you have to invite at least one other person. Or you could edit the local config file. Both are a bit cumbersome (and then you’re pretty much alone there), it would be nicer to have a world added to the normal circulation


That logic would suggest there might as well be no guest worlds.

Is the best offering 0, 1, 2, or 3 guest worlds?

It is not mine logic, it is Zwift logic and my way to ride in a world I want. Setup a meetup are perhaps 5 clicks in Companion, to invite a person does not mean he/she must accept - no answer necessary.
I would also be happier with all worlds being open all the time, but you know how Zwift handle feature requests :disappointed:

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I suggest you look into Zwift preferences

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Yep @Rob_Milan_umes let them put their resources into fixing broken stuff and in the meantime use or worldhacks to sort

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I think three is actually plenty, sure you may not get the exact world you want, but if they added another one, if you aren’t riding at peak time of day, things are gonna be empty.
I know this is the same argument that was used to say we don’t need two guest worlds, but unless sees a massive influx of new riders (30,000+) three worlds will be more than enough