Please unlock all worlds every day

The title says it all: having two “guest worlds” each day stops me from riding my favorite rides when I want to. I’m paying $15+tax each month, so don’t stop me enjoying the product the way I want.

To be clear, I understand the reasoning; according to the support team, “We do this to help distribute Zwifters and prevent each world from being too crowded or too empty.” but think about it another way. If a few rides are much more popular than the rest, that’s your customer base telling you it’s time to create more rides that appeal to them. Deciding to gate them so each day we have even less choice… it’s crazy.

There are a few workarounds so you can ride any world at any time. The world hack is one (see zwiftinsider article for instructions), but even easier is using a meetup. You can create a meetup on any world you want, just invite at least one person (who doesn’t need to accept or show up) and there you go.