Group ride start speed neutralization

Lots of people complain about group rides being too fast, especially out of the start gate. It’s my experience that it’s the initial frantic start that pushes the pace up, in effect letting a large breakaway happen with the pack chasing the breakaway soon thereafter. My suggestion is to limit group ride starts so all riders are obliged to ride behind the ride leader for the first 2-5 minutes or kilometers so that the group becomes accustomed to the pace that the leader wishes to set for the ride. I think it would lead to more desirable behavior from riders on the group rides and hopefully reduce the number of unhappy riders who were dropped from the moment the ride starts.

What you don’t like the full gas standing start effort to start every event out of the pen? :joy: I would love to have a 500 meter, 1 minute, short, neutral rollout instead.

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I’ve also done this and seen it done many times, a part of the gaming experience I guess, but you can start off slowly and burn a couple matches riding from the back to the front of big groups during a segment to get a faster segment time than someone else riding at the front the whole time.

For sure!

Let’s spec this out:

Group creator/leader would have some options:

  1. basically, what we have now. no neutral start.
  2. 1km neutral - riders forced via software to stay behind group Lead
  3. 3km - same as (2).
  4. entire ride - all riders forced behind group lead, no matter what their speed - this could be useful for beginner rides and other training scenarios.

this is a great idea, i would like to see races start this way as well

Or allow on the first km 1 Watt/kg, second km allow 2 Watt/kg and so on …
just smooth it out a bit

If you dont want to ride at the announced pace as a group,dont sign up! If there are flyers let them go,not a problem as long as the leader isnt chasing them,i really enjoy the grouprides,many great groups on zwift,with fantastic leaders.

Riding at the announced pace isn’t the problem. The issue is that the start is much faster than advertised and stays that way until a sizeable group is dropped less than a kilometer into the ride and never gets a chance to catch up. Sometimes the ride leaders are good about not chasing the fast group at the start and sometimes they are not. Most real-life club rides typically start out at a moderate pace before speeding up to advertised pace, so people have an opportunity to sort out any issues (mechanical or otherwise) before the hammer comes down.

I agree,not all leaders can control their ego and just want to stay in front,i can really reccomend PACK,SZR,ZBR,WSR their rides usually follow announced pace! Great leaders.

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