Events: ride leader enforcement of pace

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #1

I’ve done about a dozen rides with the event module (as a participant, not as an organizer) but there is a frequent theme I see.  The ride starts off with a stated pace and the ride leader spends the better part of the first lap telling people to abide by the planned warm up pace.  I’m sure everyone would rather have some good humored banter instead of herding cats.

So I propose two ideas that could help with this situation:

  1. When setting up a ride, have a configurable setting that if someone gets more than x seconds ahead of the ride leader they get some automatic warnings.  Give them a timer to rejoin the group before they are automatically removed.  This should be an option so that races can still be run.
  2. Give the ride leader an eject/warn button so they can click another rider view and put offenders on notice and remove them from the ride, if necessary.

Nothing about this is really perfect and I’m sure some people will grouse a bit about getting booted from a ride but I sense that some people find the situation irritating. I personally don’t have a strong feeling on the matter though, so input from other ride leaders should carry more weight as this is just an observation from me.

(Matt Bolton) #2

I’m pretty new to this but have noticed that on some of the group rides I’ve done, people shooting off ahead can result in the ride leader picking up the pace a bit until it’s outside the advertised event W/kg limits.  This is a bit discouraging when you then can’t keep up.

(. NadgeeTrev (D)) #3

ditto. Why advertise a certain pace and then bust it from the get go. Pointless.