Group ride/race control by ride leader

Said it before; The ride leaders should have the ability to set a “ride off” distance ahead. i.e. If a rider gets more than say 50m ahead of the leader he simply drops out of the event with a banner appearing with “Disqualified”. Equally it could be set at 0m if everyone is to stay behind the leader at all times. This becomes another challenge and encourages a bit of discipline. This topic seems to be causing lots of distress at the moment!!
It seems so simple to solve.

Yes !!! Would be great 


Absolutely agree.  To add a little more, I would base it on time ahead which the leader would be able to set.  So if a rider hits that limit, instead of an automatic disqualification, Zwift gives them the option (10 second countdown) to either slow down to within the limit or the continue to simply exit the ride.  Events would become much more specific to the w/kg goal that is set and this would encourage more dialed in specific events. 

Do not agree.

Groups are bigger and bigger.

We need space.

No matter if some riders stay in front of the leader.

What you’re talking about is a rider limit, otherwise you’d have no control over how much space a group needs.  Two different things.

I agree, and I have one more thing to add that maybe the Zwift folks will pay attention to!!!

I think that lower level riders (those that are probably C,D, and even E riders) would really get into events more if the event manager could kick out “fakers” (folks who say they are one thing but are obviously much better) and / or riders who are just too good for the group and didn’t know it. The event manager could be nice about it: say something like, “you are too good for this group, please move up!”  It would make a “D” race possible. Everyone wants to race! I think that something like this makes it possible.

AND some folks just want to ride when the event is clearly marked “ride”, and it is annoying to be in a ride event while other folks are racing. Kicking out the racers would be nice.

Agree with the suggestion of penalizing riders who do not comply with the upper w/kg limit for a ride. Another idea is to be disqualified from an event if you go above the mandatory w/kg of the event for longer than 10-15 seconds or repeatedly. A message should appear on Zwift screen telling you, you are disqualified because holding a w/kg higher than the ride limit for too long. Maybe a pre-warning telling you to slow down if not you are disqualified can appear prior being disqualified.The distance penalty enforcement is trickier when the leader slows down out of w/kg range to wait for the slower riders. Waiting for slower riders should not be mandatory.