Group Ride Breakaway Limiter

(. Rory) #1

Allowing the ride leader to enable a limiter that would prevent other riders gaining more than say a 5 or 10 second lead on the beacon as it seems many group ride leaders are having trouble controlling rides and “ease up on front” messages are required every minute

I’ve noticed many new riders being fed with getting dropped on the first lap when rides are well above the stated w/kg limits and others feeling the need to drop back and give a wheel to get back onto the bunch

Once a rider reaches this time ahead limit, no matter how hard they pedal their avatar would be limited to travelling along at say 2w/kg until they are back under the time limit, so if some riders feel the need to do some intervals then they can without leaving the bunch also

The leader could have a button to toggle this function on/off to allow racing up kom’s/sprints/final laps

some icons on the screen to notify when the group limiter is on or off  and if you are too far ahead of the beacon and are being restricted would be handy


Another request i have is that when a leader doesn’t make it to the ride there should be a way of nominating someone else as they often end up out of control.

If a ride starts without its leader present a “ride leader vote” could pop up with the names of the top 5 highest level riders and we could vote on someone to take over, riders could opt out of being nominated in their settings, or people could just nominate themselves somehow

(Stephen Jackson [X]) #2

Like the concepts. Perhaps it would be simpler to implement if all that happened was that as soon as someone exceeds 10sec in front of the beacon they are dropped out of the ride.   

(Shawn Luiz (PACK)) #3

I like this idea. I have actually stopped doing group rides on ZWIFT because of it rarely being a group ride. as soon as the rides start everyone is scattered to the wind. I would say let it get to 20 seconds though of lead and a warning to riders that exceed that. give them about 20 seconds to drop back or get dropped from the group ride