w/kg Limiter or Speed Limiter - Group Rides

Zwift needs to come up with a limiter. Say an organizer wants to put on a average 2.5 w/kg ride. Of course hills will get a rider around 3 w/kg. But set the limiter to cut a riders power once they hit 2.5 on anything less than 3%. 4% or more and max it out at 3.0 - something like that. Then hot shots could not mess up a group ride that most signed on to for the purpose of riding x w/kg. I have been in organized workouts and the group may be hitting 4 w/kg but we are rolling along at a pathetic 12 mph. Why can’t Zwift develop something to limit w/kg or mph for group rides. So many easy 2.5 w/kg rides turn into hammerfest and the group is blown apart. Zwift??

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No thanks. Just find a group where the leaders ride at the advertised speed.

Group leader is not enough. Group ride restrictions should be apply automatically based on declared values.

Not sure this is the right solution, but I wish something could be done.  Can’t count the number of group rides I’ve been on that end getting splintered into bits and you just end up riding solo.  Sure some groups leaders are better than others but it’s not just the leader.  It’s human nature to want to hold the wheel in front even if that means putting out far too many watts.  Even good leaders can have trouble controlling the group sometimes.  It would be nice to find some subtle ways to help keep group rides together.  Nothing heavy handed like limits, but just a little programming magic.  A little headwind for the riders riding off the front and a tailwind for the riders at the back.  Just +/- a few percent could make a big difference.

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Out of the hundreds of training rides i’ve done on zwift I could count on one hand the times a breakaway hasn’t gone off the front. Sometimes I go with the breakaway if I want a harder workout than the watts advertised; mostly I don’t. Sometimes there are no rides within the time-frame you have that are training at the wattage you’re looking for. Either way, the training rides have so many riders nowadays that you could have 3 separate groups and it should not affect your enjoyment or what you get out of the ride.

Sometimes it’s the race leaders fault. An example happened last week where the leader stated the warm up would be at 2.5wkg but within 30 secs was pushing well over 3wkg which split the group. He then had the audacity to moan that the group was too split. Other leaders will push over the stated watts to try to reign in the heroes at the front. Just let them go, forget about them and stay with the leader or fall back with the riders at the rear if the leader is too fast for you. There are too many zwifters that like to froth at the mouth and gnash their teeth if the ride doesn’t go exactly as it should. Get over it.

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I wish I could get some votes. Seems this has been a long running topic on Zwift, a positive vote may help things move along. Thanks.

Dude… no one cares… Leaders want to lead not be prescribed by some artificial sanction. If you want to ride in a group be part if the group that contributed to keeping it together not winge at the flyers who couisn’t care less. Be part of the solution not the problem. All the group leaders I know including myself wouldn’t support any artificial groupings like within the workouts.

I agree a good ride leader will call back those that ride off the front if they keep ignoring the leader the leader should focus on those around him. That is what we do.

I you are in the break away group you have the option to stop pedaling and wait for the group. 

If you feel good and strong why not fall back and be a sweeper and pull those back that got dropped.

As a Leader and keeper I would not want this function. Main reason would be two-fold…1) it destroys the ride and its natural ebb and flow and 2) it would not help Keepers and riders off the back chasing on after a drop-out, mechanical or physical failure. These efforts can be in the region of 5 and 6w and happen frequently.

Just choose a suitable ride and stick to it. If you want to fly off the front choose a race or go play on your own and dont disrupt the group.

If you want this type of ride choose a Zwift Workout in Erg mode - some are OK but mostly is soul destroying.

What would be good is an EJECT button to use to get rid of persistent fliers off the front!

I’d second the eject button for ride leaders to use