Group/ Race Updates

Would be great to implement the following fir Group or Race Rides:


  1. on on the ride screen where you get a choice of workout, ride with or just ride. Have another button to select group/ race - this then shows any due to start within the next hour. 


  1. selecting this will automatically update your name (with the group at the end) and your jersey to the group one. 


  1. anytime before 5min until start you enter and ride round the island as normal. However as soon as 5min to start you get transported to the group/ race start. You can keep peddling to warm up, but you physically won’t go anywhere. 


  1. your rider list view (along the right) then automatically changes to only show group/ race riders - this makes it really easy to see them at all times during the ride. 


  1. any rules of the ride are automatically applied e.g. Speed throttled to warm up speeds etc. No or only certain power ups etc. 


  1. a button to leave the ride/ race along the bottom at any time. 

I really like that idea

This is a really coherent list of how it would work well.  A few suggestions to tack on as well, using the same number items:

  1. On the group/race tab, have an option to create a group ride.  In this place you define the label, powerup rules, total length (or laps) along with the warm up duration and enforced warm up pace.

  2. If the rider view on #4 just shows people in the group (which I really like) then I would not update the jersey.  Common jerseys are a work around to recognize the group among the common field of riders.

  3. This might create problems with the resulting data file and Strava.  Other options may be that the warm up gets its own file or there is some kind of holding area.  This part gets tricky fast.

Here is a though that I got yesterday during a group ride. For the groupride/race mode module. 

The raceleader and the sweeper is selected by the person creating the event. if someone passes the raceleader they get a warning like in workoutmode “Reduce power” and some kind of graphical warning i red. The same thing would happend if they come behind the sweeper “More power your falling behind the sweeper” and some kind of grapical warning here to. 

if they fail to stay behind raceleader or fall of the sweeper after a certain seconds or distance they would exit the racemode.

The raceleader will need some shortcut on the keyboard or in the app to release the warmup into race mode where they can pass the leader without getting warnings any longer.

This would help a lot in bigger events to keep folks from pushing to hard in the warmup lap(s) 

A very good idea Martin Björkvik SZR