Events feedback

Really enjoying these - however they can be much better if -

  1. All events clearly stated up front under their title -

A) Time (how long they last) and / or
B) Distance (how far they are)

E.g. 5 laps of X (e.g. Watopia) does not easily help knowing how long I need. Let’s be honest, I’m doing this as I’ve not that much time, so need to know in advance. Zwift Academy events are excellent - clear and precise on the title. Others (e.g. INC Relentless VO2 MAX) are not.

  1. Please can you stop it raining in London?! I’m paying for a better virtual world where the reality is cold, dark and raining outside in the UK! I see the irony, but you know… nothing more depressing when that happens :slight_smile: