Formal Race Category System

(Ole-Kristian Hagen) #1

Today we have self-selected race categories based on w/kg @ FTP. I think this could be more gamified by introducing a more formal category system. In zwiftpower you are automatically assigned a category based on performance. This is great, but instead of looking at hard numbers, e.g 5 or 20 min w/kg, the category should be based on a point system like in the USA Cycling race category system. With qualification and requirements for upgrades.

With a more formal category system, riders could be automatically be assigned to the right category in races.

Maybe some races could be only for riders that have done the category qualification. I guess there will always be riders that don’t want to follow this qualification. For them to be able to race, they will have to be automatically assigned a category based on previous performances.

For this to be interesting, Zwift must have permanent result lists, not just rely on zwiftpower.
Why don’t you just buy zwiftpower and integrate it with the game? :thinking: