Why no group events every hour?

I realize that what may be great for some in one time zone may be terrible for others in another time zone, but I always come away disappointed that many large-scale group events like Tour of New York stagger at 5 am EST and 7 am EST, but many times there is no 6 am EST option. 6 am is like the perfect sweet spot for us on the East Coast in the US even for outdoor rides. So why not schedule these events every hour instead of two-hour intervals??

I would agree with this, 6am is a good time for events in the East coast.

I noticed this was updated possibly late last night as I see Stage 2 will be available at 6 am EST on Thursday October 25. Thanks Zwift!!!

Stage 4 and 5 don’t have a 6am.

I don’t mind the 5am it just mean I dont get a nice warm up.

Sounds good!! I’m usually awake at 5 am, but that’s it - I’m nowhere near ready to hop on the bike & ride by then LOL

Honestly, I don’t understand why there isn’t a scheduled group ride every hour regardless of whether or not there is a special event going on like Tour of NY. At the very least, these should run every hour during peak times (before/after work hours) and be open to all levels (or allow you to select a cat). Group rides, in general, are way too few and far between on the schedule and the ones that are listed often target a very limited pacing range. Having a set group ride provides motivation to get on the bike and to keep going for the full hour (or whatever), in addition to the social aspect(s)… Not every group ride needs an experienced leader who tries to rigidly hold a pace. When you have enough people riding (as seen in the Tour of NY events), natural packs form at you can ride at whatever pace you want.