Start a new event from in game menu

After I finish an event I would like the option to join another event without logging out and back in. Basically the ability to chose an event from the in game menu.

If I am logged in and have just finished an event and use the companion app to select a new event it doesn’t come up, I still have to log out.

My only solution seems to be to select a load of events in the future on the on the companion app and if I do desire select on screen when I finish a current event. Although this seems buggy as sometimes doesn’t work.

The obvious solution would be to allow us all the same options from the in game menu as the start menu.

As you described with the companion app this is possible, it works for me.
(Zwifting on win 10 machine with companion app on ios 11)

But to be able to return to the start screen would be mutch,mutch better.
Right now the PC experience without the companion app is not good.


I have a company phone where I’m not allow to install whatever I like.
It’s really irritating that most basic features like getting to start menu while
ingame is only possible on the mobile.


There is a topic where your request is discussed:

If you haven’t done it already you should submit your vote here. The more people vote, the bigger the chance Zwift adopts the highly requested feature :+1:


Hi, I agree! Why can’t I go back to the menu to close and save my ride to start another without closing the app on my Macbook. Now the only way to save you’re ride is to close the app…strange…

I agree, i hate having to quick the windows software and reload it just to get to a new event or workout. I wish you could save to strava and then jump back to the main screen.

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If you are done with a event you can press “e” and that will take you to workout options.
You can also select multiple events in advance and the game will take you to the next one as soon as it is ±5min to start.

I do all my Zwifting via an ISO device so ‘e’ isn’t an option. Yes I can go to the menu and do a work our but to go to another event the only option is a restart. I often select several events. This has produced other problems though.

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I must say I never had trouble selecting another event via the companion app. the trick is to do it in advance. At least 20 min before the next one start. I may be an outlier but I plan my rides the night or day before so I have time to read the ride description and look at the course that we will ride.

My problem is not only related to a event… just a ride I want to have a warming up and cooling down not influenza my ride results…