Workouts / training - motor pacer

(Macho Lim) #1

I’m starting to enjoy the workouts in Zwift - i much prefer it in zwift than other applications.

one thing that could blow the rest out of the water is for there to be an avatar of a motor pacer. The motor pacer would be at the target watts - so instead of relying on reading the numbers one can workout to the motor pacing avatar. OMG that would be amazing.

Start menu overhaul and more
(Nigel Doyle) #2

I can see some merit in this if you’re on a dumb trainer. Not a lot of point if you’re on a smart trainer in ERG mode.

(Macho Lim) #3

with a motor pacer it sure beats having the need to read more power…less power…more power…less power…more power…less power…