Longer term idea

(J Schaeffer (AMOROSO)) #1

Having spent some time on the new course and having been on Zwift for a few months I have a suggestion for the “training” aspect /course in the virtual world.  The new course with its longer climb provides a great workout but for a heavier rider (me) using a smart trainer (computrainer) I end up with too much time at moderate to "climbing"cadence.  So how about having a section for motorpace workouts?  It should be possible using an avatar at a set speed.  There would need to be a longer stretch of flat to slightly rolling terrain.  Pacing at near race speed would give users a chance to train in a way they cannot in the real world, in the USA at least.  Perhaps some of the Euro pros who use Zwift could help with the design.  

(Seb Barrett (U19) AUS) #2

aha another one with the the motor pacing idea! like it! :slight_smile: