RIder experience

Add ride experience, depending on how many hours a rider use zwift over the last month, the avatar should gain experience and be slightly faster on bends and turns. (Like a 2% gain if you ride more than 5h/week).

So somebody who trains outdoors 15h per week and on Zwift 4h per week would be slower than somebody who trains 5h per week on Zwift in total?


yeah, sorry, but this is not a well thought out idea…


Well this is just an example, it could be depending on how many races you’ve completed in the last month or more factor together.
I think that zwift is a game and it’s far from the reality, so yes, even if you train 15h outside doesn’t mean you know how to race on zwift (I’ve seen so many races between zwifters and Pros won by zwifter, there must be a reason for that!)
Of course this wouldn’t help a new zwifter but could be part of the game.
It’s good to share opinions anyway :slight_smile:

I kind of see what you mean, a bit like career mode on tony hawk pro skater.

Maybe it could be the mysterious 4th challenge - when you select it you start off on stabilisers and as you get further through the challenge your avatar gets more confident/less wobbly until you graduate as a “proper” zwifter.

Just for free rides or group rides maybe but back to normal for races and stuff.

I kinda like that idea.

I wish it was possible to downvote. Can’t see what possible advantage there would be to this. If you’re racing, you should be relying on power and tactics, not whether you’ve used a bot to clock up 10,000km the previous month…

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Open a new topic for the downvote mate XD
ok understood anyway, you don’t like it, thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

Isn;t that kind of the case for buying new bikes/wheels etc and getting different things based on what level you are?

But I also said

If you feel that somebody who trains and races on Zwift already has an advantage over somebody who mainly trains and races in the real world and occasionally trains/races on Zwift why would they need a further 2% performance advantage?

Wouldn’t that just be making things even less realistic?