Feedback and some ideas

The good

Overall great fun in the closed beta, many thanks for the invitation
Nice graphics
Day an night cycle
Overall an very promising and unique concept so far

Some suggestions:

I am a programmer myself, so always trying to optimize things software-wise

Time of day, don’t like to be an night rider for too long, day should be atleast 3 times a long as night

Not sure whether AI riders are a good idea at all especially when taking jerseys on drugs, also a bit ugly looking

Riders, who have stopped, should’t do this in the middle of the road

The deer etc. is a nice touch, but shouldn’t they run around a bit?

If a rider holds more than one jersey, all jerseys should be displayed on backround of his name

Why not have different avatars for weight classes, e.g. lightweight small rider <70 kg versus >80 kg rider

A button for using the brakes for urgent needs

A way to discern virtual power riders from real power riders. I am seeing this as a big problem for long-term motivation, as lately more and more VP riders trying to take top spot on strava segments, open beta will probaby get flooded with dumb trainer riders using speed cadence sensors. How about different realms/courses for real power versus virtual power?
Otherwise the whole competition thing will be worthless I’am afraid.

One thing I just noticed on Virtual Training (I rarely use this now, thanks to Zwift!) is that when someone schedules an online race, there is an option to allow/disallow “Power to Speed” and “Speed to Power” trainers.

So, the person setting up the race can dictate that.

+1 on the brake idea. Since some wheel off trainers, I use a KICKR, take 100m+ to spin down, it’s difficult to stop close to other riders in case you want to rest or group together. This might also be handy if they let the deer finally cross the road!

My two sons watched me ride this afternoon and thought it was strange my avatar did’t lean into the corner when taking it at high speed. That would make it appear a little more natural.

Also recommended by my sons was allowing the riders to drift left or right around stopped or slow riders well before you get to them. It’s a bit jarring when I am hustling at 25mph and come within a foot or two of a stopped rider before veering around them. In real life that would garner a hand gesture from the passed rider that Zwift has yet to add to the game.