Feedback after 5 rides

(Dan Morley) #1

Very cool concept with great potential. Coming along nicely.

I know some of these comments have been discussed before, but I wanted to get all my thoughts down in one place.

Crazy AI riders & records.
Kurt Kenetic virtual (Z) power & speed unrealistic. Based on RPE for given speed on flat
Provide structured work outs and/or ability to create them.
Provide Pace riders to follow.
Published or regular scheduled group rides.
Ability to apply smoothing to FTP# being displayed.
Group riders with same/similar trainers (VP appears to be a lot different than resistance controlled trainers)
Age Group events and/or AG filtered results.
Integrated music player & controls. (PC)
Ride start time on Strava and in Fit file in incorrect.

Would like instant pause key/button
Option to select day or night mode
My rider often bobs up and down for no apparent reason.
Strange green dots floating around the screen.
Riders list on right hand side have names toggling a lot (quickly flipping)
Rider name balloons overlap one and other when riders are close behind, perhaps spread them out along the bottom a little more.
No Canadian flag
Bigger full course map, and bigger indicator of where I am on the map.

(anon18154799) #2

The strange green dots are leaves from the trees.