Speed Training

Hello, I was thinking that Zwift could prepare riders for speed out on the real road better by somehow having a mode where riders could ride in a suggested manor that increases their overall average speed. 

I heard about this website called best bike split and I guess you enter your stats and it suggest how to use your power output to achieve the overall speed. 

Maybe this is simple for some people, but I have never really understood or really accepted a certain way of out putting effort translates to speed. This could be a dumb feature but I think it could make the game more useful. 

I guess to try and further explain what I’m talking about let’s envision a hump in the road, where it’s 2% uphill for .33 mile, 0% for .33 mile and 2% downhill for .33 mile, so the feature would suggest to you the fastest way to negotiate this stretch. 

I don’t know maybe that’s stupid.

I think Zwift has a way to go before implementing this. At the moment descending and going around corners is totally unrealistic i.e. turns are taken at full speed whereas in the real world you would brake going into the corner and then accelerating going out. 

yeah maybe on some of the course set up maps like London with the hair pins but i think maybe if it was a good idea then the speed set up thing would just know the corner is coming and not make any recommendations. a map like watopia hilly is kinda like what i ride where i live and there might not be too much braking involved there. i guess the idea is to help people learn how to be faster in certain scenarios could be considered more important than the total realistic value of the video game.