Thoughts on Zwift after a hundred miles or so...

(Garden Velo ZZRC) #1

I have been riding on Zwift Island for a couple weeks now and really enjoy the immersive virtual riding experience.

To me it seems there is an issue with the downhills however, it only takes a few seconds to slow from 50 mph to 25 or so when the grade levels out even when pushing 300 watts. It’s a small gripe but it just seems your’ speed should carry further then it does.

Things I am looking forward too the most are training plans & mass start races.

A training plan similar to what trainer road offers could really be entertaining on Zwift. Something like motor pacing behind an early 70’s van driven by your’ team manager who has a pension for erratic driving speeding up and slowing down giving you a great interval work out as you fight to stay glued to his bumper and listen to the music pumping out the back of the vans open doors. It would even be better if you could schedule your workout that could be viewed by your friends who could have the option of joining you at the scheduled time behind the van riding with an ftp handicap, so both/all of you could be working at the same percentage of ftp. This game is designed to be social after all, so why should anyone suffer through an interval workout alone?

The other feature “racing” is something I can’t wait to see incorporated. As is there is no mass start races on Zwift. A race schedule calender and I imagine a separate server to start and end the race. I think I saw someone suggest a waiting area for the start of a race, like a velodrome everyone could ride laps until the race started, then a neutral roll out onto the course. Any way it’s done, I hope mass start races are in the works for the future.

I think this game has a lot of promise and I can’t wait to see how it evolves. Thanks for the opportunity to test it out.

(Bill Verdon) #2

Good post! All good points…